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(1.) Generally, students follow the same delay schedule as the school district they reside in. For example, if a student lives in the Phoenixville School District and they are closed, and WCA is open, you are not expected to come to school that day. Students will be marked as having an excused absence.

(2.) On rare occasions, WCA's situation may be worse than your local school district. For example, your district may have a two-hour delay, but WCA may be closed; please don't come to school.

(3.) If your home district has a normal schedule, and WCA has a delay, there will always be WCA staff on hand to supervise your children if they arrive at the normal time.

(4.) If bad weather happens after the school day has begun, individual school districts may call for early dismissal. Their buses will then come to pick up students from their district. WCA almost never calls our own early dismissal - since we are at the mercy of 12 school districts as it relates to transportation.

(5.) Student drivers are not dismissed from WCA until we are notified by the their home school district that there is an early dismissal for that particular district.

Bottom line ... you have to follow WCA's status, as well as your local district.

What NOT to do ...
Do not call the school phone number - the answering machine is probably melting!

Do not call a teacher or WCA staff member - they don't know any more than you do!

Do not call Dr. Smock - he is in the school truck salting as you read this!

Bad Weather Closing

WCA Parent's are primarily notified of school closings and delays through RenWeb. Click on the Calendar icon above and check under today's date. A secondary sources of information is .

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