Alumni Spotlight

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"The transition from high school to college was a drastic one to say the least. I went from a graduating class of twenty-four to over seven thousand freshmen. At West-Mont I knew everybody, but I didn’t know a single soul when I entered Virginia Tech. I also went from a private Christian academy to a secular polytechnic institute. However, these factors didn’t necessarily mean that it was a difficult transition. 

"When I first began my college search, one of the main criterion I had was that I wanted to attend a secular school. This wasn’t because I wanted to turn away from the Christian community, but rather, I wanted to pop the “Christian bubble” and make my faith my own as opposed to hanging onto my parents’ faith. At West-Mont, I received a great Christian education that gave me a fantastic foundation for my spiritual walk with God. I knew that I would be able to move on from Christian education because I felt prepared to go out into the real world. When I visited Virginia Tech back in April of 2016, my mom and I both felt that God was telling me that I needed to go there. After my first week of school, I was already plugged into an amazing Christian ministry, Chi Alpha (XA), and a nearby church. I was also able to step out and share my beliefs with others. Even though I’ve only been at Tech for a few months, I feel as though my faith has already grown stronger. I am so incredibly grateful for my time at West-Mont and the foundation that I was able to build there, and I’m very excited to see where God takes me from here!"

– Sydney Silkroski, West-Mont Christian Academy Class of 2017

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