College & Career Planning

It is West-Mont Christian Academy's goal to help align students' strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, improve student outcomes, and help students see God’s direction for them beyond high school. We strive to aid students in determining a personal plan and setting attainable goals related to their college and career aspirations.  Following are some tools to help guide our families:

General Resources


The National Career Development Association Career Planning

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

NCAA Clearinghouse

National Center for Educational Statistics

PA Schools & Colleges

Study Guides & Strategies

Christian College Search

Technical & Vocational Schools in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency    

College Board Website

Education Planner

Blueprint Christian College Search

Common App – Apply to Multiple Colleges

College Transfer Simplified

Interest Surveys


Parents and students: here are some links to interest surveys. Some are free but several charge a fee. These allow students to gauge their career and/or major interests. These surveys may help a student who is unsure of a future path. Please RESEARCH these surveys before signing up to take them. WCA does not intentionally post links to poor surveys, nor does the school endorse any of these organizations.


Students and parents must be aware that they are entering information that will be sold by these companies to third party groups and schools for marketing purposes.


Parents, please allow your student to answer survey questions truthfully. Parental interference during the question answering procedure may skew the results and not offer an accurate assessment of the student's interests and abilities.

Download the 2018 College & Career event calendar here.
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