Download Forms/PDFs

Below is an alphabetical list of all PDF documents and forms available on our website.


2018–19 School Year Calendar


Accident Waiver & Release Form (for fitness center)


Amazon Smile Flyer


Annual Fund Brochure


Application Documents

Application for Enrollment 2019-20 - New Student (Sibling)

Book Loan Form

Educational Service Agreement

Title One Survey 2019-20


Athletic Participation Agreement Form


Auction Help Ad


Auction Sponsorship Brochure


Beulah Land Swim Club Flyer


Board Report


Business Directory


Camp Manatawny Upcoming Events


Chapel Schedules

Middle/High School


College & Career Event Calendar


Decorating Think Tank


Educational Travel Form


EITC Brochure


Elementary New Year Family Forms

Emergency & Medical Form

Private Dentists Form

Illness & Medication Guidelines

Immunization Requirements

Medication Authorization Form

Food Allergy Action Plan

Asthma Treatment Plan

Campus Safety

Dismissal Form

Request for Transportation (Busing)

Extended Care Contract

Summer Reading & Supply Lists


Elementary Curriculum


Facilities Use Request Form


Fundraiser Application Form


High School Class Scheduling

2018-19 High School Course Guide

Scheduling Form for Current Students

Credit Worksheet and Diploma Breakdown 


Homecoming Schedule


Homeschool Program


Lunch Account Process


Matthew 18 Principle


Medical Forms

Asthma Action Plan

Physical Exam Form

Dental Exam Form

Medication Authorization Form

Sick Day Guidelines


Middle & High School New Year Forms

Asthma Treatment Plan

Campus Safety

Family & Medical Form


Food Allergy Action Plan

Illness & Medication Guidelines

Immunization Requirements

Medication Authorization Form

Middle School Electives Form

Physical Exam Form (only needed for grades 6 & 11)

Private Dentists Form (only needed for grade 7)

Request for Transportation/Busing Forms

Summer Reading & Supply Lists


Middle School Curriculum


Online Learning

Download the Online Course Guidelines

Download the Online Course Enrollment Form


Parent Council Fundraisers

Preschool Flyer


Private Instrumental Lessons


Renweb for New Users


Safety Procedures


School Profile


Student Driver Permission


Summer Reading & Supply Lists

Preschool Three Year Old Supply List

Preschool Four Year Old Supply List

Kindergarten Reading & Supply List

First and Second Grade Reading & Supply List

Third and Fourth Grade Reading & Supply List

Fifth and Sixth Grade Reading & Supply List

Middle School Reading (Grades 7-8)

Middle School Supply List

High School Reading

High School Supply List

High School Resource Room Reading

Collegiate Reading 

Grades 7-12 Alternate Book Request



MDM Download for iPad

Recommended iPad Apps

Student iPad Use Agreement

Technology User Agreement


Transportation Forms


Tuition & Fee Schedule



Criminal Record Check

Child Abuse History Clearance

Volunteer Clearance Instructions

Detailed Fingerprinting Instructions

Volunteer Opportunities Form


Welcome Wednesday flyer full page


Welcome Wednesday flyer half sheet


Wellness Letter


Winterim 2019

Introduction & Course Description Guide

Internship Information

College Visit Information

Medical Form for Travel

Selection Form


YMCA Achievers Application


YMCA Achievers Info Sheet


YMCA Insurance Paid Memberships


YMCA Membership Info

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