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Instructions for WCA Student Email Accounts 


WCA issues email addresses to all students beginning in 6th Grade.

This is a very specialized type of email address with the following restrictions:


  • Students may not send any message to a address.

  • Students cannot receive any messages from a address.

  • Students are issued a temporary login password which they can change. If at any point parents want access to their student’s email account, parents are to ask their child for the password to enter the account. If the student is unwilling, or forgets their password, the parents can contact the school for the password to be reset. Students are regularly informed that their parents have access to their email account, and that there is no expectation of privacy as per the WCA Tech User Agreement. Contact Phil Bowman – to have a password reset.

  • WCA saves and archives student email messages.

  • All student and teacher emails are formatted the same: ProperFirstName(dot)


Why are email addresses for students important?

  • Teachers can communicate directly to their students and classes through this internal email system.

  • With each email address, there is a “OneDrive” drop box where students and teachers can exchange written assignments, and where students can save documents for access at their home computers. There is no need to carry
    a flash drive!

  • How to log in — click on the "email" circle at the bottom of any page

    When the login screen appears, students should enter their full WCA email address as the User Name.

    Next enter the case-specific password that Mr. Moore gave to each student during the first week of school.

    Students need to keep their WCA given passwords confidential from anyone other than their parents or guardians!

    If a student feels their password has been compromised, then contact Mr. Moore for him to change the password. 

  • Microsoft offers “free” Office 365 software to anyone with a email address. This means that students can create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on their home computers – even though Microsoft Office is not installed on their home computer! This feature can save each WCA family hundreds of dollars! To access this software, log in to the OneDrive and select the “Create” icon.


Contact Phil Bowman if you have questions about West-Mont email, at

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