Ways to Give

There are numerous ways to give to the ministry of West-Mont Christian Academy. 


Your gift allows the Lord’s work to continue in a vibrant manner in the tri-county area, and bolsters our operating budget. The following are numerous ways you can contribute; for further details, email Christie Werkheiser, Director of Advancement, or call 610-326-7690.


Gifts can be made using cash, checks, credit cards or EFT automatic withdrawal from your checking account.


To make your tax-deductible gift online using a credit card, debit card, or bank account click here.


Other ways to give:

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Charitable Gift Annuity | Checks & Cash | Endowment
In-Kind Gifts | Life InsuranceMatching Gifts
Real Estate | Stock/Securities | Wills & Bequests


Charitable Gift Annuity

In exchange for a transfer of cash, marketable securities, or in some circumstances real estate, WCA is contractually guaranteed to make a specified annuity payment to the donor throughout his/her lifetime. The payout rates vary by age and number of participants. In addition to lifetime income, you may claim a current-year deduction for a portion of the gift, and a portion of the annuity payment is income-tax free for several years. 


Checks & Cash

Please make checks payable to WCA and mail to Attention: Advancement Department at 873 South Hanover Street, Pottstown, PA 19465



West-Mont Christian Academy is committed to long-term growth and continually developing its endowment. Our goal is to make a Christian education accessible to as many families as possible and to provide the greatest educational experience possible for our students. If you would like to partner with WCA to help provide a strong, well-funded endowment,West-Mont Christian Academy can direct funds to such needs as capital improvement and faculty development while making our tuition assistance program ever larger. Please consider making a gift to our endowment today. With your help, we can work to secure the future of God’s work at WCA.


Call Christie Werkheiser, Director of Advancement at 610-326-7690 to make a gift to our endowment or for more information.


In-Kind Gifts

You or your business may have a product or service that could be donated to West-Mont Christian Academy to benefit the daily operation of the school, or for an event; Call Christie Werkheiser, Director of Advancement at 610-326-7690, for current opportunities.


Life Insurance

Life insurance plays an important role in providing financial protection against emergencies, asset protection for estate planning, and security for families with children. As family situations and needs change, however, the need for life insurance also may change. Please have your policy evaluated and consider including WCA as a beneficiary.


Matching Gifts

Many corporations have a matching gift program that encourages employees to think philanthropically by doubling their contribution. Matching gifts can potentially double or triple a donation. The impact is tremendous for West-Mont. Check with your Human Resources department to see if your employer has a matching gift program and to obtain a matching gift form. Read more here or Contact Christie Werkheiser, Director of Advancement at 610-326-7690 to discuss this option further.


Real Estate

You can give a building, vacation property or land as a significant gift to WCA. A taxable property that has long-term appreciation in value can be given without incurring tax on the appreciation. Thus, the value of the gift may be substantially more than it would be if the property were first sold and the after-tax donation made to West-Mont.



This is a very manageable way to give and avoid capital gains on your investment. Bonds, stocks, and mutual funds are easy to donate to WCA and have several advantages for the donor: you receive a full charitable deduction for the fair market value of the gift; you avoid long-term capital gain tax, and there is no commission in the sale or transfer. WCA has a brokerage account for easy transfer. To find out more about gifts of stocks and securities and for transfer instructions email Christie Werkheiser, Director of Advancement or by phone at 610-326-7690.


Wills & Bequests

Call Christie Werkheiser, Director of Advancement, at 610-326-7690
for more information.