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"Equipping Students to Find Their Place in God’s Story" 


 Alliance Christian School District is a leader and innovator in the Christian School movement. Our staff is known for spiritual maturity, professionalism, and the ability to meet the individual needs of our students. Our students are known for their commitment to Christ and His Church, strong understanding of a biblical worldview, academic excellence, and service to their community. Our graduates our known for living out their faith in their home, churches, and  communities. They are leaders, problem solvers, and disciple makers. Each of our schools contributes to the flourishing of its local community.


Alliance Christian School District enables students to discover their place in God's story through excellent education and discipleship.


  • We believe that education is a life-long process through which individuals grow in their knowledge, wisdom and understanding of truth. Truth is absolute. Truth is infallible. Jesus Christ is the Truth (John 1:1-2) (John 14:6). Jesus Christ never fails (Psalm 36: 5-9).

  • We Believe that Jesus Christ is revealed to men through the Bible, the Holy Spirit (John 15:26), the creation (Romans 1:20), and through God's servants (Matthew 28:19, 20). Wholesome education requires that we both seek and grow in each of these pathways to truth. Toward that end, West-Mont Christian Academy seeks to both establish and promote truth in the heart and mind of each student by providing a program that builds Godly character, academic success and a Christ-centered world view.

  • We believe that God has given parents the responsibility of educating their children (Proverbs 4, Ephesians 6:4, Deuteronomy 6:6-9), and that the school functions as an augmentation and extension of the training begun in the Christian home. The goal: to train students for a life of fellowship with God and service to man (Matthew 22:37-38.).

  • We believe that, by the grace of God, teachers and school-staff members are accountable before God to exemplify and promote a high moral standard (Titus 2:6-8).

  • We believe that a climate of love, understanding and mutual respect between students and staff will nurture self-worth (Matthew 6:26, 10:29-31). 

Statement of Faith​
  • We believe in the verbal, complete, and inerrant inspiration of the Bible in its original writing.

  • We believe in the tri-unity of God, eternally existent in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

  • We believe in the deity and virgin birth of Jesus Christ.

  • We believe that all have sinned and are in need of salvation. Salvation is secured only through a personal faith in Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior.

  • We believe God created humanity, male and female, reflecting the image and likeness of God. Each person's biological sex has been sovereignly appointed by God and is an irreversible aspect of his or her nature. It is our assertion that a rejection of one's God-ordained biological sexuality reflects a rejection of God's plans and purposes.

  • We believe in the redemptory work of Christ, His blood that had to be shed for salvation, His death, His burial, and His resurrection.

  • We believe the Holy Spirit permanently indwells the body of each believer. He seals, enlightens, instructs and guides every born-again person.

  • We believe in the eternal salvation of the believer; and the eternal judgment of the lost.

  • We believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

  • We believe in the need for spiritual growth and separation from all sinful worldly practices and a need to commit to a local assembly of believers.

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