⚙ Musical Performing Arts

“With over five hundred references to music in God’s Word, it may well be concluded that music is a weighty issue to God. Therefore, it is also important for us as Christians to consider the matter of music in our personal lives. Furthermore, it is important to understand the impact of sound in the home. Last, and equally significant, the music at our place of worship and service must reflect a certain character.” 


From “Music in the Balance” by Frank Garlock and Kurt Woetzel



High School Chorus, Music in the Parks
1st place, "AA" Division

MS/HS Band, Music in the Parks
1st place, "A" Division

Elementary General Music

All elementary students participate in a once-a-week general music class. There they learn the fundamentals of music. It is our hope that they will develop a love and appreciation for avenues in various artistic medium. Each year we present a musical featuring our 5th grade class.


Elementary Band

All 4th and 5th grade elementary students play an instrument. In 5th grade they are a part of the elementary band. It is our belief that if we give students the experience of playing an instrument, it will promote further enjoyment and involvement in all that music can provide.


Middle & High School Band

Our Middle School and High School Band is open to all students who have played an instrument prior to taking this elective. The experience of playing in a band promotes cooperative learning, fine tunes individual skill level and elevates self-esteem to name a few. Each year, our band participates in our regional ACSI Fine Arts Festival competition as well as performs a Christmas and spring concert. 


“Praise him with the clash of cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals.”

Psalm 150:5


Middle School Chorus

This is a vocal outlet offered to all middle school students. Our Middle School Chorus participates in an annual regional ACSI Fine Arts competition. We have a strong history of excellence and have obtained the honor of 1st place in our region.


High School Chorus

This vocal group is offered to all students. There are no requirements to enter this class. It is provided as an entry level chorus, with the goal to encourage singers at all levels toward developing choral skill. Choir students will develop their singing voices, learn to sing in a choral ensemble, learn to read music, learn the basics of music, experience singing in different genres and styles, develop self-discipline, concentration, and cooperation.


A great deal of class time is spent on vocal and musical techniques as well as performance standards and will be demonstrated in performances in an all-school Christmas and spring concert. Choir students will have opportunities to try out for solos performed in concerts as well as audition for ACSI competitions.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for all students at all grade levels in vocal, piano, guitar, violin, and various woodwinds. Fill out this form to sign up for private lessons.


High School Ensemble

This vocal group is offered by audition only. This is our most advanced choir with rigorous requirements and demands. This group has the opportunity to not only sing in our annual Christmas and Spring Concerts but as well as compete and perform at several local community events.


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