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Online Learning

West-Mont Christian Academy Online was created to offer diverse and advanced course offerings to our traditionally enrolled students.


A wide variety of courses including high school general, academic, honors, and Advanced Placement courses, as well as Dual-Credit and college offerings greatly expand our curriculum options for students. We offer these courses through a wide variety of online accredited providers through an assortment of formats. This allows us to tailor course options to best fit a student’s needs, interests, and learning style.


WCA Online classes are rigorous and exceed all national educational standards. In addition, classes include an online teacher or professor and involve dynamic interactive learning. A teacher/advisor from WCA is made available to assist students with assignment pacing, accountability, and any questions that might arise. The online format further allows WCA to meet students’ individual needs, tap into their specific interests, and best prepare them for where God is leading them in their future. 


Please contact our Academic Student Advisor, Beth Wisler, at for more information.

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