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Instructions for new RenWeb users


  • If you are new to WCA, click the Renweb circle icon on the bottom of this or any webpage.

  • Select the “Create New ParentsWeb Account” 

  • Enter the complete email address you used on your application form when registering your student at WCA. 

    Click the “Create Account” icon


  • RenWeb will then send a temporary password to your email address. Once you have recovered that password from your email, return to the original login screen using the same renweb circle icon.

  • Now enter your full email address again as the User Name.

  • Enter your new temporary password, which is case specific.

  • Make sure the Parent category is selected and click "login," which should take to your RenWeb account.

  • Take some time to explore all the options within RenWeb!

  • No test or quiz grades will be posted until the third or fourth week of school, however homework assignments, syllabi, student resources, and lesson plans should all be available shortly after school begins.


Contact Phil Bowman if you have questions about logging into RenWeb. 

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