"It's hard to put into words how much the staff cares about the students. Life-long friendships with both students AND teachers are very common here. Educationally and spiritually, the school set me up for success."


"The teachers, staff, and students all helped me more than I can ever express. The spiritual and academic growth I experienced there still affects me to this day."


"In a time that is fraught with so much unrest, it’s comforting to know that West-Mont holds the same beliefs and values that we do and strives to give our children an environment that is safe from all of it."


"They are friendly, God-loving, and want to serve and instill the love of Jesus in their students. The teachers are so kind and in tune with what children need, they are more than just a number! The pre-k programs are wonderful!"


"My grandson said "this is the first time I have felt like a teacher cared about me.” I have been a volunteer here for several years and the teachers truly love their students and do everything in their power to help each one succeed academically, socially, and spiritually."


"Without a doubt, this school and the people in it made one of the biggest impacts in my life. When I walked through the doors of West-mont in my 10th grade year I was hooked instantly. The teachers were caring as well as insightful and the students were inclusive and friendly."

Homeschool Parent

"West-Mont has been a huge support and blessing to us as a homeschool family. Our son loves his extra-curricular classes and has made wonderful friends since he's been there. West-Mont truly cares about seeing God's will done in the life of their students."


The teachers, administrators, and staff care about the whole person of who my son is. They have nurtured his unique talents and have walked with him through all of the ups and downs of childhood and now into the world of teenage life."

873 South Hanover St.

Pottstown, PA 19465

Phone: 610-326-7690

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