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"Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise… "

~Ephesians 5:15


We have four children and for a year we looked closely at West-Mont Christian Academy. It was recommended to us by life long friends who are teachers at West-Mont and other dear friends who send their children to West-Mont. We still wanted to do our part of investigating if this was the right school for our family. Last year we knew we would be selling our home to accommodate for a larger family but wanted to make the decision on where to move based on several things; 

My husband and I went on a tour of the school, met the teachers/faculty, and had a meeting with Dr. Smock. The following day we sent our daughters on a shadow day. A week later we followed through with the application process and a final family interview with Dr. Smock. I'll never forget sitting down with Dr. Smock, my husband, and our daughters. The caliber of Godliness and joy Dr. Smock radiates is a gift to all who know him. He spoke openly with us and shared from his 30+ years of experience in teaching/administration at West-Mont.  We talked and asked many questions and finished the meeting understanding his heart, his vision, and his dedication to West-Mont. Throughout our interview process he took a great deal of time getting to know our family and our hearts. We laughed, we cried, and we prayed with Dr. Smock. God is moving mightily in this school through the staff, faculty, and students.


Since being at West-Mont I'm thrilled to say that the teachers and faculty have exceeded our expectations. Our daughters are "at home" at West-Mont. The faculty and teaching staff have gone the extra mile in making sure we feel loved and welcomed. I'm rejoicing in the Lord knowing that we have found the greatest school for our family. One thing that is convenient and a true blessing is that West-Mont is K-12 and we can send all of our kids to the same campus for many years to come.


John & Megan Kratz, Current Parents

The 10 years we have invested into Christian education has been beyond all that we asked or thought. The teachers not only pray in the classroom, but occasionally send a postcard home with a Bible verse, saying they are praying for our child, and what a pleasure to have him or her as a student. As the years passed, we decided to keep our children at WCA.


What the school has done for our children has impacted them for eternity. Our time there has been a huge blessing to our family. There is no substitute for the love, prayer, and care of the Christian teachers. It all starts at the top with an Administrator who truly walks by faith, not by sight. It is a faith that trickles down to, and impacts the entire school. This surely will have a lasting effect throughout our children’s lives. 


Dan and Debbie Fanus, Alumni Parents

West-Mont Christian Academy was the best choice in educating our children. Since we both had devoted Christian parents, we also chose to raise our children to follow the Lord. The most effective way to model this is to allow them to spend the bulk of their day with Godly examples, showing the Lord to them through Math, English, History, Science, Sports, and Fine Arts.

I wanted to thank West-Mont Christian Academy...I graduated in 1994 and the Lord has taken me on an amazing adventure. Recently, I visited Washington D.C. and met President Barack Obama as American Samoa's 2015 Teacher of the Year. I had encouraging and inspirational teachers at West-mont who helped me see who the Lord wanted me to be. Thank you so very much. 


—Monica Murphy Lui, Alumnus

I was raised in a Christian home and clearly saw the difference in values and morals of kids I went to public school with. When I became a Mother, I was determined to do everything in my power to educate my child in a Christian environment. By the time she was old enough for school, unfortunately, I was a single Mom and my financial situation was precarious. But I shared my heart with the Lord and He made a way. I worked three part-time jobs while I put myself through college. Because of my income level, the Christian school gave me a 50% discount in tuition, and my daughter graduated from a Christian high school. Now, she has two wonderful children of her own, and my support of Christian education has not wavered. Doesn't the Holy Bible promise that if we "train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6) We have to do our part, and He will do His. Yes, it costs us financially. Yes, it costs us time and energy. But aren't our children and grandchildren worth it?  We may never see all the fruit of our sacrifices in this life, but that's not what it's all about is it?  It's about obeying God. Being faithful with what He has blessed us with and after we have done all we can do, we stand firm."  (Eph. 6:13).


— Cathy Wohltmann

West-Mont Volunteer and Grandmother of two students


I wanted to share what a blessing West-Mont has been to us as a homeschool family.


It was perfectly clear that the Lord wanted us to take Brinton out of public school, so we began the process of researching what options we had available. Steve and I both attended Christian schools and even though we felt led towards homeschool we wanted to look into the local Christian schools in our area. 


After reading the mission statement and seeing that West-Mont partners with homeschool families, we knew we had to make an appointment to check it out in person. From the moment Steve and I arrived we felt God's presence. Elijah Platchek and Melissa Newton were so welcoming and encouraging as we met and prayed with them. They wanted to help us make the right decisions about finding the best situation for Brinton even if it meant looking into other Christian schools if that would be the better option for us as a family. We knew we did not need to look any further. 


Brinton started homeschool in January of this year and attended WCA twice a week for a few hours for P.E. and Chorus. He has told us repeatedly he has never been happier in school. He is totally accepted for who he is and not treated any differently than full-time WCA students. He is excited to have friends that he is comfortable being himself around and share mutual faith in Christ. He has also had the opportunity to attend chapel on Fridays, field trips, class parties, and participate in field day and the elementary school musical. 


His time at West-Mont has made our homeschool education better than we could have imagined. I have also had the opportunity to volunteer while he is in his classes which has been a wonderful blessing to me, getting to know the teachers, staff, and other students. 


Even though we homeschool, everyone at WCA has made us feel we are part of the West-Mont family! We see WCA as truly being the hands and feet of Christ and equipping the next generation to take the Gospel into all the world!


—Marjorie, Steve, and Brinton Corson, Homeschool Family

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