⚙ Theatrical Performing Arts

“What is more central to our freedom than this ability to distance ourselves from oppressive givens in order to reinterpret them, to give them meaning and to digest them so as to live them out with dignity? Without this ability to empathize with situations different from our own, could we love the otherness of the other with the necessary respect? To say nothing of the most striking aspect of our imagination: creativity, a gift that makes us for all our weakness, just lower than the angels." 

— Wheaton College Professor Leland Ryken

Middle School Theater Workshop

This is a class that is geared toward the fundamentals of acting. Students will participate in a variety of activities such as improvisation, character development and the fundamentals of theater.


High School Theater Production

This class allows students the opportunity to work on all aspects of the behind the scenes in theater production. This class will explore how a production gets from concept to the stage. This class is valuable for the beginning theater student and for students who have already experienced acting on the stage.


Middle & High School Fall & Spring Play

Each year Middle & High School students may audition for the fall and spring play. There is a commitment to weaving theatrical concepts throughout this experience to ensure that students increase their knowledge and skill in stage production. West-Mont has performed a variety of plays with the most recent being "Pride & Prejudice."


Middle & High School Spring Musical

Students from middle school and high school work together with Berks Christian School to create an exciting theatrical experience. Both West-Mont and Berks have a reputation for quality productions. With the incredible costuming department, technological stage equipment, and committed production team members, we are able to bring to our community memorable presentations. Our most recent spring musical was "Seussical."

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