WCA Staff Training Resources

ScreenCast Videos and Audio Tutorials

Make sure the audio volume is turned up on your computer and that any accessory speakers are plugged in. The video files may take a few seconds to download depending on your bandwidth.


Start-up Tutorial


#S1 –  Load Icons & Intro to Office 2010

If you open Word or any other Office application and a box appears about
entering a Product Key ... contact Mark Moore.


RenWeb Tutorials


#RW1 – RenWeb-Intro-/-Software-Download-/-Accessing Web-Version


#RW2 – RenWeb-New-Year-Set-Up-of-Classes


#RW3 – RenWeb-Categories-Assignment-Set-Up


#RW4 – RenWeb-Entering-Grades


#RW5 – RenWeb-Lesson-Plans-and-Homework


#RW6 – RenWeb-Discipline-Events


#RW7 – RenWeb-Giving-Detentions (Middle & High School Only)


#RW8 – RenWeb-Attendance-Lunch-Count


#RW9 – RenWeb-Report-Manager-Part-1


#RW10 – RenWeb-Report-Manager-Part-2


#RW11 – RenWeb-Parent-Communication-Part-1


#RW12 – RenWeb-Parent-Communication-Part-2


#RW13 – RenWeb-Adding-Resources for Students- Part-1


#RW14 – RenWeb-Adding-Resources for Students- Part-2


#RW15 – RenWeb-Uploading Quarterly-Grades

Please note ...incomplete assignments are 
handled differently in the Elementary school.


#RW16 – RenWeb-Uploading-Yearly-Grades



If you have any trouble viewing these videos – please email Mark Moore

Requirements –

RenWeb Updates


Teachers are required to set aside time each day to manage their lesson plans and assignments


Lesson Plans

2 weeks ahead


Homework & Quizzes

48 hours before
due date


Tests & Projects

1 week before due date