Wellness Corner

Winter 2020

A Few Tips for You to Stay Healthy This Winter
By Wellness Intern, Jerry Balog

Its that time of year again. The air is thinner with a slight bite when it hits your skin. It’s time to break out your favorite heavy coat or even that sweater Grandma made for you 3 years ago and is starting to wonder what happened to it. Yup, you guessed it. It’s time for Winter! God has blessed us with so many beautiful aspects of nature in the winter but along with that, comes quite a bit of cold. Make sure to stay warm and keep healthy as the temperature changes this year. You can do this by staying dry, eating nutritious fruits and vegetables – apples, turnips, radishes, brussel sprouts, pumpkins and even carrots – that thrive in the cooler season and are quite delicious as well. Make sure to keep up your vitamin intake. As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, you might not get a chance to go outside and enjoy the amazing energy that the sun provides, so it might benefit you and your family to try a Vitamin D Supplement to make up for the lost sun exposure. It can help with weight loss, improve cardiovascular health, boost mood and it even helps to prevent cancer!