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God has blessed WCA with supporters like you, whose giving allows us to continue to grow. Your gifts last year allowed us to install a new wireless network on our campus. This investment has opened the door to 21st century tools for our students. Alongside of financial giving, prayer is the single most vital support that WCA has received regularly. Through the prayers of God’s people, God grants wisdom, provision, direction, and so much more. 

We have so much to celebrate and be thankful for this year, despite all
that is going on in the world around us. What a blessing it has been to
have our students back in our school building, learning in person, and
living in community with each other. God has provided our school with
an incredible staff that has been working all year to ensure our students
are safe and growing.


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We are excited to announce the creation of a new school system in partnership with Berks Christian
School. After a year of work, Alliance Christian School District (ACSD) was created this fall. This
new school system opens the door to growth and opportunities for WCA students. Robust student
organizations, stronger staff and curriculum, streamlined administration, and a strengthened
financial position are some of the benefits ACSD brings to West-Mont.

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Our family is in its fifth year as part of the West-Mont family. Our oldest started here in kindergarten, and last year our middle child started kindergarten. Our years have been filled with tremendous blessings, watching our children grow emotionally and spiritually. In the Spring of 2020 when schools were closed and immediately had to transition to virtual learning, West-Mont didn't miss a beat. While our public school friends were struggling through overwhelming issues of disorganization, lack of clarity, and their children spending hours upon hours in front of a screen, our children were blessed with pre-recorded videos for most classes to be worked on at their own pace. When live classes were held, our small class sizes allowed for easier communication and learning due to the smaller group of children in each class. Our teachers stayed very involved and were available at every turn to provide support, reassurance, and spend 1:1 time with our children when needed.

In the Fall of 2020, when West-Mont opted to return back to school in-person, our family made the decision to start the year off virtually. While this does look and feel a little different than the Spring, it is working extremely well for us. Virtual students join their class every morning for 30 minutes to start of the day, to ensure they always feel like part of the class even though they are virtual. They also join a live class or two each week, depending on the lessons for that week. The teachers have gone above and beyond to make sure our children aren't feeling excluded just because they are schooling from home. They also handle my weekly barrage of questions with grace and patience; as a mom balancing work and 3 children,they work hard to make sure I am feeling supported and equipped to teach successfully.  The flexibility of working at our own pace at home allows us to finish early on days that we want to take an extended "recess" or even do a "field trip". 

We are so grateful for our West-Mont family, and for the blessing that schooling from
home has been
for our family.

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Our daughter recently transferred to

West-Mont Christian Academy, and what

a difference this environment has already made in her life!!!  She feels right at

home and is excelling in the small class sizes which can account for individual needs. The staff and students truly embrace Christ’s love as they have all welcomed their new student and friend with opened arms and hearts.