Tuition, Fees, & Assistance

It is our goal to make Christian Education accessible for every family. 

For questions regarding Tuition and Fees, call 610-326-7690 or email admissions@westmontchristian.org.

Tuition Assistance

Our needs-based tuition assistance program for grades K-12 is administered by FACTS Management Inc. In order to seek tuition assistance, families may take the following steps:


  • File a confidential financial disclosure form to FACTS Management: Financial Aid Application.

  • A recommendation is made to WCA concerning eligibility for tuition assistance, as well as a recommended amount of the award.

  • Families are notified as to the recommendations.


The Admissions Department can provide details related to the tuition assistance application process; please call us today to discuss your questions, and to schedule your free tour at 610-326-7690, or email admissions@westmontchristian.org.