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West-Mont Christian Academy knows that every child is a unique and wonderful creation of God. One of our distinctives is that we are able to provide an array of programs designed to help meet the needs of students with physical and/or learning disabilities. Following is a list of supports available to your family:


  • The Resource Room provides individual or small group assistance to students needing learning support. Depending upon the particular needs of each child, Resource Room students may attend only a few periods a week, or may require up to full-time Resource Room placement.

  • The National Institutes for Learning Development (NILD) Program is designed for students with average or above average intelligence that need additional skills to overcome particular learning disabilities, such as visual verse auditory learners; students meet with a therapist two times per week to learn these skills. The typical NILD student may benefit from up to three years with the program.​


For more information related to West-Mont's Exceptional Education Program, please contact Admissions at


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