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Our Commitment To You


Perhaps you are homeschooling your own children, know someone who homeschools, or are prayerfully considering this option for your family. You may be wondering, "Must homeschooling be a solo venture?" or, "What resources are available to help my children (and me) in this educational route?" Maybe even, "How do I find out about other families home schooling in my area?" Well, West-Mont Christian Academy would like to assist you in answering your questions and making your homeschooling a success!


Basic Benefits

As a homeschooling family associated with WCA, you will receive:

  • Textbooks for your use when available.

  • Furnishings (desks, etc.) when available.

  • Use of the school library.

  • Portfolio reviews at the end of the school year prior to submission to your school district (there are associated additional charges for a letter of recommendation from an educational professional for the completion of the school district review).

  • Opportunity to join our classes on selected field trips.

  • Special demonstrations in our science lab of advanced equipment.

  • Art, Music, and Physical education classes for elementary level students
    (as space permits).

  • Middle School sports participation.


Add On Benefits

Depending upon interest, need, and staffing, we will provide for you:

  • Participation in musical instrument lessons and band/ensemble opportunities. Rates for lessons and instrument rental are given at the beginning of each school year.

  • Opportunity to take any of West-Mont's regularly scheduled classes. Registration availability is dependent upon specific class size.

  • Opportunity for participation in West-Mont's sports program. 

The registration fee is $150.00 per student, per school year. (Please note that homeschoolers must be registered with their local school district to enroll in WCA's program.)


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